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Since 1979, elTrim is leading manufacturer of electric trim tabs, suitable for boats from 5 to 20 meters. With its international headquarters in Ennepetal, Germany, and over 30 years' successful trading, elTrim operates across Europe and worldwide both direct to the customer and via a network of carefully selected distributors in Finland, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Great Britain.

The internationally renowned elTrim GmbH has become very popular choice for a range of high performance quality electric trim tabs.


In 2008, for the 30th successive year in their history elTrimGmbH, will be present at the 'BOOT' Boat Show in Dusseldorf

The beginning of the very successful Trimtabs system of elTrim was in 1976. During that time Klaus Kern, a technician and hobby skipper from the company K&S Hugo Krueger KG, came with the idea to steer the Trimtabs electrically instead of tubes or hydraulic pumps used at that times. Additionally a very precise position indicator was used to control this system.

One year of planning was necessary until the first prototype could be tested. The results exceeded all expectations. A very good functionality and relatively easy installation as well as the good service and above all the precise position indicator stood for good sales prospects. After the patent registration the large scale production was possible through the K&S Baueschlaege Hugo Krueger KG company, manufacturer of electric motors for roof light domes and windows. Six years later the production of Trimtabs was separated from the K&S Baueschlaege company and continued under its own elTrim brand

Finally 30 years ago the first and very successful presentation was made at the “BOOT” The Boat Show in Dusseldorf. Even the biggest boat on the fair “Corina” at that time, 20 meters long with two engines 500 PS each, had the elTrim system fitted on.

Klaus Kern, who enjoys his retirement by now, still advises his successors.


New innovations and further development of the system have made it possible that elTrim trim tabs sets are very popular delivered to many shipyards in Germany and Europe" explains Ursula Winkelmann, who owns and manages the company together with Waldemar Drost.