Technical Information



Recommended tab sizes - in relation to the boat length


         Length of boat

                Size of tabs

  Drive per tab


            16' - 23'

                 12" x 12"



            16' - 23'

                  16" x 9"



            21' - 27'

                  20" x 9"



            23' - 33'

                  24" x 9"



            26' - 39'

                 24" x 12"



            33' - 52'

                 40" x 12"



            33' - 66'

                 48" x 12"


Other sizes of tabs are available on request.




With engines with less power or heavy weight in the stern you should select the next larger type. The units are delivered complete with all cables, ready to fit.

The power connection is to be made at the ignition switch on a power supply unit. The connection of the components are to be made by delivered cables.

There is no hydraulic unit required.

Drive units 12V or 24V made from reinforced fiberglass plastic, welded water resistant and pushrods covered by EPDM-bellows to avoid marine fouling.

Supplied with all parts you need to install !



Small and compact:

Size of control unit is 90x90mm,

hole for mounting in instrument panel 75x75mm,

depth 60mm.

For boats with a flybridge there is a separate control unit available.







ST Standard Control Unit

Operating of tabs in manual.

Top push-button-moves both trim tabs down so the bow moves down

The lower button will raise both trim tabs, so the bow moves up.
Right button: starboard sides moves down.
Left button: portside moves down.

Position of trim tabs are shown by LED-lights.


Automatic type Control Unit

Functions of push buttons in manual or automatic use are the same as type ST. Activating automatic use by LED button on/off

Working order:

Unit ready to use LED light button auto on/off is off
Unit in automatic use LED light button auto on/off flashes
Automatic heeling elimination works  

An additional support for the starting phases is integrated in function HF. Before you start, the tabs should be down, automatic off. Just before the boat goes into gliding position, switch automatic on. Tabs move up, heeling elimination is working at once. Gliding position to be corrected by upper or lower button.

In function OL the raising of the tabs is disconnected. It is preferred for displacement boats.

There is a jumper on the bottom of the control unit:

With Jumper:
 Function HF .
Without Jumper:
 Function OL .

Automatic N Control Unit

Automatic N type is fitted with additional speed switch, activating the automatic function as planing speed is approached. Factory setting is 10 knots, adjustable in the pressure switch unit. The tabs could be moved manually at any time.

Working order:

Top button moves down both tabs - the boat moves down
Lower button raise both tabs - the boat will raise
Right button - starboard side moves down

Left button

- portside moves down
Tabs position is indicated by LED lights  


Additional control unit is available for flybridge.


WO Control Unit

The “one switch per tab” control unit utilises the same equipment as the ST and automatic versions. Position indicators are not incorporated.



Bellows have to changed every 3 years

Zinc anodes have to be fitted for sea waters sailing